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About Us

Midland based and proud, Composite Systems, LLC provides Composite Bridge Plugs and frac Plugs globally. We are a family owned and operated business serving our local and gas community since 2010. Building the local economy one plug at a time… More info.

Our Process

Our Filament Winding Process involves a technique in which continuous fibers are wrapped under tension, over a rotating mandrel. Our proprietary formulation produces raw material specific for the necessary high pressure and temperature requirements for a high-performance downhole tool. The valuable advantages that composite tools offer include drillable and continued performance over time under temperature and pressure; due to the material’s stability and strength. These features offer the operator complete control to drill-out when and how they choose fit.

Our Products

IsoDrill Bridge Plug

Isolates multiple zones during stimulation frac operations. more info…

Patriot Frac Plug

Isolates multiple zones during stimulation frac operations.more info…