Iso Drill

A bridge plug , caged ball and ball drop (flow through) frac plug that provides a solution to isolate multiple zones during high-stimulation frac operations.

  • Holds full differential pressure from above and below (plug).
  • Multiple plugs may be run to isolate a series of zones.
  • Full composite, one-piece body and components provide fast drill-out times.

Patriot Frac Plug

Isolates multiple zones during stimulation frac operations.

  • The PATRIOT drills out safely and quickly with conventional tri-cone or junk mill bits, including coiled-tubing milling.
  • The PATRIOT’s composite slip is made from high performance, proprietary, composite material assembled with buttons for anchoring in casing that will circulate easily during milling
  • The PATRIOT is a full composite, one-piece body with composite components that provide fast drill-out times and reliability during the setting process.